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About Hillary Kurnia

PT. HILLARY KURNIA was formed in 1984 in Indonesia as a Water Treatment Consulting Company, Contractor and Industrial Supplier with registered trade mark products :


PT. HILLARY KURNIA has a rich history in the water treatment chemicals and technology. Information found here helps you understand our past and see our future goals.

About Hillary Kurnia Water Treatment, Corp. We have almost two decades of experience in providing high quality water to industry.

In principle we offer the customers the following benefits:

  • Effective and accurate problem diagnosis
  • Discussion and pin point the problem to the customers
  • Efficient and economic solution
  • Simple application, control, and monitoring procedure
  • Comprehensive Lab. Analysis and interpretation to problem solving
  • Training of operators to understand the program and problem
  • High-tech equipped capabilities to solving problem
  • To achieve the best result

Most industries that use water for critical processes need high quality water. Ordinary water may contain hardness and other minerals, biological contaminants, decayed vegetation, chlorine, turbidity, and dissolved gases, any of which can interfere with manufacturing and production. All of these contaminants can be removed by one of HILCO's water treatment systems.

We have industrial qualified engineers and chemists to give our customers the very best in technology and improve the production processes with high quality water. Managed by a team of engineers, HILCO understands your high quality water needs in manufacturing and production process.

Total Water Analysis

Before we recommend a solution to your water problem, we analyze the situation completely. We start with an analysis of your current source water to identify the contaminants. We analyze the effect of water on your products and processed, so that we can recommend the level of water quality you need and we can design the treatment system for delivering the high quality water you need

HILCO's Water Treatment Systems include:

  • Boiler Water Treatment
  • Cooling Water Treatment
  • De-scaling - Cleaning Chemicals and Overhaul Services
  • Water filters, Softeners, Demineralization, Reverse Osmosis
  • Reverse Osmosis Plant & chemicals and Clean in Place services for RO
  • Pressures Tanks, Dosing pump, & Other industrial equipment
  • Fuel Oil Treatment for boilers, ships and vehicles
  • Ion Exchange Resins, Active carbon and filtration media
  • Car Radiator Treatment
  • Waste Water Treatment Plant and Chemicals
  • Refinery, Oil field, Pulp and Paper chemicals
  • Fuel tanks and pressurized vessels, etc