PT.Hillary Kurnia

Hilco & Haico

The Water Treatment Supermarket


Most industries that use water for critical processes need high quality water. Ordinary water may contain hardness and other minerals,biological contaminants,decayed vegetation, chlorine, turbidity, and dissolved gases, any of which can interfere with manufacturing and production. All of these contaminants can be removed by one of HILCO's water treatment systems.

Our products include:

Water Treatment SystemBoiler Water TreatmentCooling Water TreatmentOther Water Chemical/Service

- Water Filter

- Pure Water Equip

- Media Filtration

- Tanks

- Chemical Injection


- Scale Inhibitor

- Foam Controller

- Oxygen Scavenger

- Corrosion Inhibitor

- Fuel Oil Additive

- Boiling Descaling Service


- Metal Pre-Treatment

- Oxidizing Biocide

- Macro Fouling

- Scale Remover

- Degreaser

- Chiller Descaling Service


- Flushing Chemicals

- Biocide for RO

- Anti Scalant for RO

- Resin Cleaners

- Haico Cooling Jacket