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PT. HILLARY KURNIA was formed in 1984 in Indonesia as a Water Treatment Consulting Company, Contractor and Industrial Supplier with registered trade mark products.

PT. HILLARY KURNIA has a rich history in the water treatment chemicals and technology. Information found here helps you understand our past and see our future goals.

About Hillary Kurnia Water Treatment, Corp. We have almost two decades of experience in providing high quality water to industry.

Water Treatment SystemBoiler Water TreatmentCooling Water TreatmentOther Water Chemical/Service

- Water Filter [Best Seller]

- Pure Water Equip

- Media Filtration [Best Seller]

- Tanks

- Chemical Injection [Best Seller]


- Scale Inhibitor [Best Seller]

- Foam Controller

- Oxygen Scavenger

- Corrosion Inhibitor [Best Seller]

- Fuel Oil Additive [Best Seller]

- Boiling Descaling Service


- Metal Pre-Treatment / Flushing Chemical

- Oxidizing Biocide

- Macro Fouling

- Scale Remover

- Degreaser

- Chiller Descaling Service


- Flushing Chemicals [Best Seller]

- Biocide for RO [Best Seller]

- Anti Scalant for RO [Best Seller]

- Resin Cleaners

- Haico Cooling Jacket [Best Seller]